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Vega Pro is a clean, one page business theme. It can be used as personal blog or a small business website and also as single page website. It has a custom template to showcase special timeless elements/information.

  • three pre-built color schemes that can be switched
  • fully responsive, build on Bootstrap
  • Font Awesome and Glyph Icons included

This theme is the same as Vega theme, but it has some extra features:

Extra features

All features are implemented and ready to work without any other configuration.

  • social networks management - for header and footer
  • translations - all theme texts are translatable
  • locale switcher - with 21 pre-prepared flags
  • RainLab.Blog integration - posts, post categories, post detail
  • RainLab.StaticPage integration - you can create static pages
  • WYSIWYG editor for Blog posts
  • contact form integration with validation and saving to backend
  • full-text search at sidebar - search inside pages, blog posts
  • footer content management and translations (four columns included)
  • maintenance page and Google Tag manager code prepared



At first go to the Backend > Settings > Translate > Manage languages and fill your desired languages.

Then go to Settings > Translate > Translate Messages and click to Scan for messages and then Clear cache. Default translations will be loaded from the theme and prepared for translation.


  • theme variables: Backend > Settings > CMS > Front-end theme > Customize
  • locales: Backend > Settings > Translate > Manage languages
  • translations: Settings > Translate > Translate Messages
  • contact form: Backend > Settings > Misc > Simple Contact
  • contact form fields: Backend > CMS > Partials > Sections > contact.htm, click on Simple Contact
  • full-text search: Backend > Settings > CMS > SiteSearch
  • wysiwyg editor: Backend > Settings > CMS > Wysiwyg Editors (enable it for Blog posts)


Theme is shipped with this templates:

  • homepage
  • normal page
  • page with title
  • page with sidebar
  • page with title and sidebar
  • blog listing with full posts
  • blog listing with small image and excerpt
  • blog listing only with excerpt
  • blog detail with full width
  • blog detail with sidebar

Prepare maintenance page.

Feb 27, 2017


Prepare partial for Google Analytics (Google Tag Manager)

Feb 06, 2017


First version of Vega Pro theme

Jan 05, 2017