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Profile Plugin

Provides all your site users a way to manage their own profiles. Build community inside your site where front end users can access other users contact and profile information for collaboration and communication. Configure components to only show some groups of users. Great for clubs, unions, churches, associations, and small businesses. Want your users to get to know each other better? This is a great place to start.


Profile Plugin provides:

  • Front end User Directory (Now with V-Card downloading)
  • Front end Avatar form
  • Front end Avatar Picture Gallery
  • Front end Primary information form
  • Back end Configuable Extended information for front end users
    • (4) Customizable Text or Textarea fields with admin set labels for Personal information.
    • (4) Customizable Text or Textarea fields with admin set labels for Professional information
  • Better Backend UserGroup control and editing
  • Back end Main User Group field ( field added by Profiles plugin)
  • Back end Merge Interface to transfer information between user profiles. (See video: https://vimeo.com/122875572)
  • Other functions considered by request.

Other Profile Related Plugins

Other user information plugins that will work with Front End Profiles to help enhance your front end user information and member communication.

  • MyCalendar Allow users to create and view events on a flexible calendar.

    • Use permissions to control which groups can see what event categories.
    • Use permissions to control which users can add events.
  • Cellphones for adding multiple phone numbers to users.

    • Shows links on frontend that allow other users to easily text, email, or call other user phones.
  • User Select provides the following functions
    • Attendance List ( In process)
    • Group Mobile Phone Messaging for front end users ( Available with Cellphones)

These plugin(s) are required for the plugin:

User can edit their primary information in frontend

This Plugin requires:

Download plugin to plugin directory.

  • Logout and back into october backend.
  • Goto Settings - Users and choose Profiles in the side menu.
  • Set the labels, descriptions and field types for your user's personal and professional extended information fields
  • Goto Users - All Users and start editing each users information or setup a front end page where users can edit their own.

Adding a Front End Page / Form

A sample file named ProfileUpdate.htm is include under the updates directory of the plugin as a convenient template. It provides a slick tabbed interface that can be used by front end users to edit their information. Copy HTML from there, add the Profpic, ExtendedInfo, and MyInfo components to the page. Once those components are added and configured your ready to save your new page and test it out. Later you will want to review protecting your page using instructions from Passage Permission Keys plugin.

That should be all you need to get started.

  • Found the plugin not useful on 13 Aug, 2015

    It's still need to be improved. Has some missing features and bugs.

  • Found the plugin useful on 17 Mar, 2015

    Very nice plugin and great support, another plugin form this user also great Thanks


Fixes fill() on null error on extended info component

May 10, 2017


Adds USer list to Group Controller

Dec 15, 2016


Fixes VCard Passage Permission Error

Nov 06, 2016


Updated to changes made in Passage Permission Plugin

Oct 04, 2016


Add Password form for frontend

May 16, 2016


Fixes missing Event class in MyInfo.php

Feb 21, 2016


Fixed Userlist sort by Group

Feb 16, 2016


Added messageURL() to enable Author Notices

Feb 14, 2016


Fixes https://octobercms.com/forum/post/tabs-in-backend-popup-form?page=1 and allows assignment of "Main User Group" on creation.

Feb 13, 2016


Created table kurtjensen_profile_change

Feb 13, 2016


Fixed Gallery and Vcard components to use Passage Keys instead of roles.

Feb 08, 2016


Fixed sorting by group in User List component. Replace "primary_usergroup" referencesa in remaining components.

Feb 08, 2016


Created "main_group" field in users to replace "primary_usergroup" field created by Roles plugin. This update breaks all ties to Roles plugin.

Feb 08, 2016


Minor user directory module dialog layout fix.

Nov 29, 2015


Restored avatar from restyle of user directory.

Nov 09, 2015


Restyled user directory to use module dialog.

Nov 09, 2015


Added V-Card Download and fixed sorting issue in user directory.

Oct 04, 2015


Added option to have standard dropdowns in basic information forms

Sep 27, 2015


Changed old User Country and State to the New RainLab.Locations and UserPlus plugins

Sep 27, 2015


Added Counrty field option to MyInfo component and UserList Component

Aug 15, 2015


Fix bug caused by fix in 1.0.13

Jul 24, 2015


Fix onUpdate user and ext-user for Build 273

Jul 24, 2015


Fixed sort in pagination for avatar picture gallery

Apr 11, 2015


Added avatar picture gallery

Apr 11, 2015


Added profile image zoom and icon style links

Apr 05, 2015


Added single user view function to Userlist

Mar 24, 2015


Added User Merge feature to backend

Mar 21, 2015


missed 'foreignKey' in update to RC

Mar 10, 2015


Update to RC compatible.

Mar 10, 2015


Fix iPhone edit link bug.

Mar 03, 2015


Change family_name to surname and drop given_name

Mar 03, 2015


Change String fields to Txt to allow more content

Feb 11, 2015


Created profiles table

Jan 24, 2015


First version of Profile

Jan 24, 2015