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Freelancer by SimpleWeb

Beautiful Freelancer Theme to present your work or to give a overview of yourself. Fully responsive for every device you can think of.

Easy to extend

Use it as a OnePager or with a bit of coding you can extend it to use it as a larger site. SCSS-Files for easy customization are included.


The navigation is supporting up to 6 elements. I decided to do it this way, because it looks better as a OnePager. If you want more links you need to get your hands dirty with coding.

Contact form

Fully featured contact form. See documentation for usage.

Further informations

Design is the work of @n33co Html5Up under CreativeCommons and is modified for OctoberCMS from us to fit our needs. Images - All pictures and images are from pixabay. Feel free to use it. Full demo at freelancer.simplewebdesign.at

For informations feel free to contact me at the support forum.

Freelancer - This Theme is based on SKEL

Skel is an easy to learn framework. But you don't need to learn SKEL if you don't want to extend this theme. It tried to write the code as much easy as it can be. For further information to SKEL visit skel.io

Contact Form

The contact page requires a mail template to be created. You can create a new mail template by selecting Settings > Mail templates > New template.

  1. Select the layout Default
  2. Enter the code: contact::form
  3. Enter the subject: Contact form submitted
  4. Enter the description: Sent when a user submits the contact form.
  5. Enter the HTML below:

<p>From: {{name}} <{{email}}></p> <p>Subject: {{subject}}</p> <p>Message Body:</p> <p>{{message}}</p> <p>--</p> <p>This mail is sent via contact form found on Freelancer!</p>

  1. Click Create

Submitting the contact form will send an email to all administrators who belong to the group with code support-contact. You can create this group by selecting Settings > Administrators > Manage Groups > New Group.

Place a tick in Add new administrators to this group by default. to add all the existing admins to this new group. Enter a name: Support contact Enter the code: support-contact Click Create


Theme release.

Nov 06, 2015