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(Update uploaded on 10/20 waiting for approval with Alpha 5, details: http://blog.getbootstrap.com/2016/10/19/bootstrap-4-alpha-5/)

This is an OctoberCMS template basic and blank based on Bootstrap 4 Alpha v5. I am wanting to use it for a new project and couldn't find a template already made, so I thought I'd start a blank basic one to share with the community. Unfortunately, I'm very busy, so this template is provided as-is with no warranty nor support for Bootstrap, Jquery, or OctoberCMS theme questions. . Bootstrap files, logos are property of: http://v4-alpha.getbootstrap.com/about/history/

I do plan on updating it as Bootstrap updates their code. I hope you enjoy. In the documentation tab and in the /home example page, I have included a ton of links to help you get started!

Good luck!

Future plans:

  • Add more example pages and layouts

Imported Bootstrap 4 Alpha v5 files - included all css files this time left v3 files in project

Oct 19, 2016


Higher-quality theme-preview and change url to default page to /

Aug 16, 2016


Bug fixes, sample page, and preparing for upload to October site

Aug 15, 2016


Theme creation

Aug 15, 2016