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Viola Theme

One Page October Theme for Medical Professionals. A productive example of this theme can be found here.


  • One Page Design
  • Different selectable color schemes
  • Beautiful homemade Icons
  • Based on Bootstrap 4
  • Almost full customizable using the Static Pages Plugin
  • Customizable slideshows using a Slideshow Plugin
  • Builtin Contact Form
  • Free Pictures from Pixabay


  • Install this Theme in the same way you would install any other october theme.
  • Create two Slideshows in the backends Slideshow section.
  • Select one of the Slideshow for each Slidehsow Components in partials/services.htm and partials/top_header.htm in the backends CMS section.
  • Setup your email address in the theme settings (this mail is used to send you contact form notifications).
  • Create a new mail template with the code viola::contact-notification for the email you get if a visitors use your contact form, the available template variables are:
    • name - Content of the name field the questioner did
    • email - Content of the email field the questioner did
    • regard - Content of the regard field the questioner did
    • sendermessage - Content of the message field the questioner did

An mail template could look like

New request:

Name: {{name}}
Sender: {{email}}
Subject: {{regard}}

Message: {{sendermessage}}


These plugin(s) are required for the theme:


To change core stuff of the Theme you need to install the dependencies with bower and npm:

bower install --force

You need to --force the bower install to overwrite the vendor files enclosed in this repository.

npm install


The styles are written in sass and compiled to css, if you want to change the style you need to do this this in the sass files and to recompile the css.

You can recompile the styles with npm run build.

npm run build

Fix multiple contact form request bug

May 26, 2016



May 26, 2016


First Version

May 24, 2016