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Starter development template for building Zurb Foundation 5 themed October CMS sites.



Add the theme to existing project while logged into OctoberCMS account online, or interactively by searching it inside Settings/System/Updates/Themes in backend, or with the following command-line instructions inside project root:

php artisan theme:install castus.f5fresh f5fresh
php artisan theme:use f5fresh

One-time Development Environment Setup

Install NodeJS and Node Package Manager globally (Stable version preferred). Run the following command-line instructions inside theme root:

npm install --global gulp bower
npm install && bower install

Alternative NPM-compatible package manager Yarn could be used:

yarn && bower install

Using and Editing

Check styleguide/default layout for example HTML page structure and mandatory includes. Custom styles example source is in assets/scss/styleguide SCSS, scripts in assets/es6/styleguide JS. Development changes can be automated with command-line instruction inside theme root:

gulp watch

Build optimized, minified, autoprefixed assets with command-line instruction inside theme root:

gulp --production

Customizing Foundation

Global Foundation styling parameters should be modified in assets/scss/_settings553 SCSS.

Comment out unwanted styles and scripts for leaner and faster Foundation custom build:

For in-depth customizations follow Zurb's guide: How to Make Foundation 5 Your Own (after unlocking lessons vault).


Added intro page, enabled Yarn package manager

Mar 31, 2017


Added theme customization (site_name, brand_color)

Oct 19, 2016


Style guide default layout

Jan 23, 2016


Composite layout with partials, kitchen-sink intro page for testing style changes

Jan 23, 2016


Initial F5fresh theme with Gulp-built frontend resources.

Jan 23, 2016