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This plugin is an extension that adds features to Rainlab Blog plugin.

Blog Front provides a form for frontend users to post to the blog. Use with Passage Permissions to controll which of your users can access the form page and post to the blog. Or just check for certain user IDs using twig to protect component form unauthorized users. ( See Install directions and example )

"My Fire Fighters Union uses Rainlab Blog as a way to show "News" posts on our site. I needed a way to allow some of my users to add "News" posts to our group site. Blog Front plugin is my solution."

The components can be placed on the page and categories assigned to them as one of the property settings. Users who can access the page containing the components can add or edit articles containing those categories.

There is also a "Can Publish" property so that an admin can be the only one to actually publish a post.

Post List

( Installation code : fireunion.blogfront ) Requires ( RainLab.Blog) and (KurtJensen.Passage )

This Plugin requires these additional plugins to function:

Basic Steps


  • Download plugin to plugin directory.

Create Page for Editing Posts

  • Create a "List" page and add Blog List Component to the page.
    • Set "Categories" you want to allow posting to.
    • Set "Form Page" ( After you create it below ).
  • Create a "Form" page and add Blog Form Component to the page.
    • Set "Categories" you want to allow posting to.
    • Set "List Page" ( from above ).
    • Set "Backend Author" that this post is owned by.
    • Set "Allow Publish" to yes if you want user to be able to change post "Published" status.
    • Add ":slug?" to the URL for the page .
      • Example URL "/postform/:slug?" or "/blog/form/:slug?" .

Alternatively you could use the Blog AJAX Form Component on a single page and set it's properties as listed above.

You should protect these editing pages You can do this in a number of different ways but here is one example that allows only user with an id of 5 or 10 to see the form on the form page:

<div class="contain">
{% if user.id == 5 or user.id == 10 %}
{% component 'PostForm' %}
{% endif %}

Like this plugin?

If you like this plugin or if you use some of my plugins, you can help me by submiting a review in the market. Small donations also help keep me motivated.

Please do not hesitate to find me in the IRC channel or contact me for assistance. Sincerely Kurt Jensen


Adds "required" plugins property to Plugin.php

Dec 10, 2016


Fixes "Published cannot be null" error

Sep 05, 2016


First version of BlogFront

Aug 08, 2016