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This plugin adds reservation units to the Reservations plugin.

  • define your own units - tables, cars, rooms, lectors
  • each unit has minimum and maximum capacity
  • an upgraded reservation form with the capacity picker available
  • each unit is automatically attached to every new reservation
  • each unit has availability validation, also for backend changes

Before use be sure you have Reservations installed.

How it works

Special reservation form contains extra field quantity, which is automatically updated depends on selected time and your minimum and maximum unit's capacities. Loading of available time slots is also redesigned to works with units - in one time-slot could operate more units.

After sending reservation, the first available unit will be automatically attached. This unit is then available at backend listing and also at reservation detail. This unit can be changed to another else (backend validation included). Enriched are also reservations export and Reservations Calendar plugin.

Time-slot for each unit can't be shared with more reservations. If someone order table for two with capacity 4, other two seats are not available for another booking.

Before installation be sure you have Reservations installed.

When you have some reservations in database before installation, all reservations will be attached to the first unit and quantity will be set to 1.

After installation just use the updated "Reservation form with units" component and that is all.

Reservation form events

Reservation form field "capacity" has event updated which can be used for updating your own capacity pickers:

// example of using hernansartorio/jquery-nice-select jQuery library
$('.persons-select').on('updated', function () {

You can also use global variables minimumCapacity and maximumCapacity.


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First version of Reservations Units

Mar 08, 2017