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Redirect plugin for October CMS

Plugin for October CMS to redirect a page to an internal page, or to an external url, by adding a component.


  1. Check out this repository to the plugins directory of your October setup.
  2. Exist and login again at the backend to refresh October's plugin cache.


Add a redirect component on a page and change its values. You can choose between an internal redirect (redirect to a page in your website), or an external url.


  • Create a redirect to an internal page, or external url.
  • Redirect using a status code (temporary or permanent redirecting).


The plugin is working like a simple redirect. These features in the list here below could be added over time.

  • Validations (input value, the link itself, internal page is existing, already a redirect available, etc)
  • Redirect with custom URL params
  • Redirect components "back", "home", "404", "error" (?)
  • Redirect secure (?)
  • Redirect message (showing "you are leaving this website") (?)
  • Redirect with cookie and/or session (?)
  • Redirect wait time (redirect after x seconds) (?)


MIT License


Added status code support (default 302)

Jan 08, 2015


First working release

Jan 07, 2015