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Website optimization plugin for October CMS.


Speedy provides you with the following optimization options. You can enable and disable them via the backend settings.

  • HTTP/2 preloading
  • Gzip
  • Cache headers
  • Domain sharding


Speedy currently only works with the Apache web server with enabled htaccess file support.

Speedy makes use of mod_expires, mod_gzip and mod_headers.


Translations, search providers, bug reports

Please submit pull requests with translations or bugfixes on the plugin's GitHub page. Bug reports and feature requests via Issues are welcome!


The speedy flash icon was created by SagarUnagar and is licensed under CC BY 3.0. Speedy uses a modified version of JacobBennett's laravel-HTTP2ServerPush middleware which is licensed under the MIT license.

Make your .htacess file writeable

Speedy writes directly into your .htaccess file so make sure your server user has write permissions to do so.

Using HTTP/2 preloading

To use the HTTP/2 preloading your server has to support the HTTP/2 protocol. The protocol requires you to serve your website via HTTPS.


Initial version of Speedy

Apr 12, 2017