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Ecommerce solution for October CMS using snipcart.com as a backend.

Demo: https://snipcart.offline.swiss

Please note: this plugin is not affiliated with Snipcart directly. It simply provides an easy way to use the third-party e-commerce service with October CMS. Therefore, Snipcart-specific questions may need to be directly put through Snipcart's support. We'll provide support for plugin-specific questions, and plugin maintenance.


  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-language (via Rainlab.Translate, Backend available in german and english)
  • Discounts and coupon codes
  • Inventory management
  • Product attributes and variants
  • Product links and downloads
  • Product accessories
  • Update orders directly from the October CMS backend
  • OFFLINE.SiteSearch support
  • Fully functional and responsive demo theme ready to download

The following themes use this plugin:

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  1. Create an account on snipcart.com
  2. Add the snipcartshopDependencies component to your layouts. This component includes all needed js and css files from the snipcart servers. jQuery can be included optionally as well.
  3. If you are using Rainlab.StaticPages, add a new menu entry of the type all shop categories to your navigation.
  4. Create a page and add the products component to it's markup. If you want to filter the product category by url parameter don't forget to select "Get category from url" as category filter option. Give it a url like /category/:slug* (don't forget the star if you want to use subcategories). Select this page in the plugin's backend settings under category page.
  5. Create a page and add the product component to it's markup. Give it a url like /product/:slug. Select this page in the plugin's backend settings under product page.
  6. Setup at least one currency in the plugin's backend settings. Set up the same currencies in your Snipcart dashboard under Account / Regional Settings.
  7. If you are using discounts, make sure to set up Task scheduling for your October installation. This way the discount usage stats will get updated every hour.
  8. Create a public and a private API key in your Snipcart dashboard under Account / Credentials. Paste both keys in the respective input field in the plugin's backend settings.
  9. Copy your custom webhook URL from the plugin's backend settings (under API and webhooks). Set the URL as Webhooks URL in your Snipcart dashboard under Account / Webhooks

Fixed invalid relationship column in products list

May 11, 2017


Added maximum number of usages field to discouts

May 10, 2017


Added workaround to make translation of product attributes work as expected

May 10, 2017


Fixed generation of quantitiy attributes in product markup

Apr 20, 2017


Added new Snipcart Webhook fields

Apr 10, 2017


Added is_accessory_of relationship to articles

Mar 28, 2017


Added missing categoryPage param

Mar 28, 2017


Use category slug in sub categories directly

Mar 28, 2017


Fixed price handling with product variants and generation of category slugs

Mar 28, 2017


Prevent generation of empty sub-category lists

Mar 19, 2017


Fixed issues with MySQL instances that run in strict mode

Mar 08, 2017


Enable support on Windows systems and make Rainlab.Translate dependency optional

Feb 10, 2017


Fixed incorrect database schema generation (thanks to abhi1693)

Jan 12, 2017


Added support for product accessories

Dec 15, 2016


Added support for product attributes, downloads and links // Optimized price validation

Dec 10, 2016


Initial release.

Dec 08, 2016