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Universal plugin to store records in separated lists each with own form setup.

It can store almost any kind of data. I use it for portfolios, simple galleries, contacts, company partners, etc.

Functions overview

  • Create any number of lists to store records
  • Define what form fields will be available to each of the lists
  • Add categories, tags and attributes to your records
  • Render records in web with components (Records and Record detail, Categories and Category detail)
  • Permissions to access each of the plugin parts and for each list
  • Import/Export categories and records

Why Small Plugins?

I do not have ambition to create big and expensive solutions. I would like to create free small plugins for all basic function I need on almost every web project.

This is also my way of learning OctoberCMS/Laravel and I will be happy if you find it useful :)

Records in a list

Small Records

Universal plugin for storing and presenting (almost) any kind of data


GitHub clone into /plugins dir:

git clone https://github.com/jan-vince/smallrecords.git

OctoberCMS backend

Just look for 'Small Records' in search field in:

Settings > Updates&Plugins > Install plugins


You can set permissions to access each of a plugin parts.


Right now just to set list's preview image height and width.


Main idea behind this is to have a place where I can easily collect records in several lists (like portfolio, partners, sliders and their images, simple photo galleries, etc.).

Records lists

Here you can add and edit lists and choose which data (and form fields) will be available.

Created list will be appended to the top of the side menu in Records administration.


You can add one main and several secondary categories to your records.

Here you can set up categories hierarchy (it is a nested tree).


Simple list of tags that can be assigned to records.


If you need a specific information for your records, here you can define a name of an attribute and it's type (string, text, number, switch).

If Attributes are allowed in Records list, you can select an attribute and add a custom content to it.

Import and Export

You can export and import data to Categories and to Records (Records through Import/Export buttons in Lists toolbar).



You can add a Records component to a page, layout or partial.

There are several parameters - only Records list is required.


You can add a record detail to yout page, layout or partial.

Record list and record slug is required.

Special thanks goes to:
OctoberCMS team members and supporters for this great system. Samuel Zeller for his photo I have used in the plugin banner. Font Awesome for Universal access symbol.

Created by Jan Vince, freelance web designer from Czech Republic.


Improved Category component

Sep 17, 2017


Fixed typo in EN locale

Sep 17, 2017


Added navigation to next/previous record in a record edit form.

Sep 17, 2017


Added components for RecordDetail and CategoryDetail.

Sep 17, 2017


Experimental support for duplicate slugs (unique must be combination [list-slug]). Duplicates for now checked only by DB.

Sep 17, 2017


Added testimonials column.

Sep 17, 2017


Permissions for each Records list.

Sep 17, 2017


Import/Export for Records, Categories and Tags.

Sep 17, 2017


Initial version

Sep 12, 2017