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No news since more than 6 month, would be great to have a some news about pond.

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I have a similar issue, I think it's a bug. I posted an issue to the github issue queue :


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I looked at the doc, but I couldn't find the answer. Is it possible to extend a component in ...

Posted in Extend an existing component with another plugin

Hi, How do you add some data-attributes to the script tag.

I need to integrate an external plugin sc...

Posted in How to add JavaScript file to Backend pages?

With the same logic, is it possible to add several actions to a fields using the trigger option of f...

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I have a model that have a $jsonable element to manage a billing address :

    firstName: '...

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I noticed that the email template setting page (backend/system/mailtemplates) use content-tab...

Posted in Backend settings : use content-tabs instead of primary-tabs

A quick and dirty solution would be to create model the october way, create the database table (with...

Posted in Creating custom Model backed by remote API (i.e. backend plugin without using database)

+1 there, I'm really interested by postCss and the autoprefixer plugin. But I don't know if it can b...

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My bad, I just saw that I need to loop into my categories to as it's a many to many relation.

So lik...

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