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With October you can always override component partials.

Posted in Change markup of success message

With October you can always override component partials.

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Version 3 is currently at beta stage. I will not even consider update until official release.

I read...

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Please read Known issues section in plugin Details.

I saw recently there is some effort to make it w...

Posted in Bug report: Rainlab-Blog > Open Graph (og) fields don't show in page source (but do show in Backend)

Do you have robots.txt file in your repository?

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You can use plugin event to change SEO tag like so:

function onInit() {

Posted in Dynamically update SEO Title and SEO Description fields for different pages loading same model

For CMS pages you can use onInit, onStart, onEnd functions like you did.

This will not work for mode...

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This should be fixed in version 1.1.10. Plugin will no longer import SEO data on insta...

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Any news on this?

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All issues here are already long time ago resolved.

Posted in How to desable validation for the fields?