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The API docs are out of date with the code right now, when Build 420+ goes to master the API docs wi...

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@rymec0de: yes, see There won't be an order of execution because it...

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Contact the author directly

Posted in how to send pull-requests into plugins?

What version of jQuery are you loading, and is this happening because your bundle.js file isn't load...

Posted in Webpack and OctoberCMS. Framework fails to detect jQuery even though it's been loaded.

You need to run php artisan october:mirror public --relative from the root october directory after e...

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@cian19332 you can't use the Builder for that without being willing to dive into the code of your pl...

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Take a look at

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Are you using a public directory with your October installation?

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This is now implemented:

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How have you setup your fields in your theme settings? See

Posted in Using Theme Combiner variables in SCSS