I am working on a plugin for my company and cannot seem to wrap my head around the proper way to create my models and their relationships.

I am extending the Users plugin to include an employer model and a job model. How do I determine whether or not I am using a has or belong relationship?

For example, my users can potentially have/belong to many jobs. Each job should only have/belong to one employer. I have followed several tutorials ( and am not able to come up with a solution.

Ideally, I would like to be able to manage all of this from the users plugin. So when I open a user, I have an Employment tab. I would like to place a partial inside this tab with a list of jobs. I should be able to create and delete jobs from this section. When I go to create a job, I would like a popup to open with the fields to create the job. One of the fields for the job form needs to be the employer, which I believe can be done with either a relation, recordfinder, or partial field type.

If I use the recordfinder field, it will open a list of employers, however, if the employer does not exist, I have no way to create it on the fly. To address this issue, I found another article on the OctoberCMS forum ( Unfortunately, adding this as described produces an error: 'The partial _manage.htm' cannot be found.

Alternatively, I have tried using a partial but I either get an error telling me the relation config behavior does not contain a definition (which, in fact, it does) or it displays the list partial for the jobs model.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how I can solve this problem? This seems like a complex or involved problem and I simply cannot figure it out.

Thanks in advance.


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